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1. I placed and order but my order didn't get through.
First of all, please email us any encountered issues and problems. We will help you as much as we can. We can cancel the current order and you can reorder the items. Please check your payment status and check with your bank and come back to us.

2. Can I COD?
We prefer online payment and delivery will be done via courier service. However, if it is urgent, do let us know, if we can arrange for urgent delivery.

3. Can I custom the clothing?
At this moment, we can only offer ready-made clothing. 

4. How can we collaborate?
We do love to collaborate! Please email us at leelokids at gmail dot com to discuss further.


1. What fabric is being used at Leelokids?
Our main fabrics are cotton batik, normal cotton and also voile. We usually describe the fabric details in each items description. We will mix and match with cotton, cotton linen and also some other kind of kids friendly fabric and all this will be described in details in each items.

2. How to wash Leelokids clothing?
We have tested the clothing and they are all machine-wash friendly. However, it is advised to wash them separately with other similar color clothing. Another tips is to soak the clothing with salt a day before washing to retain the colors.

3. Do you have anything for newborn?
We do have some options for them.

4. What range of age do you have for Leelokids?
We are focusing on big kids, 6-14 year old.

5. Do you make clothings for boys?
We have that in our product roadmap. So, stay tune!

6. Where is your batik from? And what batik are those?
All batik are from Kelantan, some are from Terengganu. We are using batik printed fabric, unless we mentioned they are hand printed batik. We do source some of the Batik from overseas whenever we go holidaying there.