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Fun-tastic Raya

For this Eid, our theme revolves around the colorful characters of the kids. For parents, especially the new parents, this is the time they exchange stories about their kids, and learning new tips and trick on how to deal with their antics.

For kids, this is their time meeting cousins, friends and extended families. The time they eat lots of cakes and cookies, play and laugh, cry and fight and be nice again, take pictures together and soon they will cherish and reminisce this moment when they grow up.

So this collection is all about the colorful raya and how Leelo Kids interpret the moments. The outfit can always be mix and match look with pants or skirt or shorts. Not a typical look, but infused look from the normal kurung kedah but we add a bit of ruffles around the neck and sleeves. Its all about how this piece can bring value and reusable after Raya without jeopardizing the comfort for the kids.