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Bali with Kids

When we planned for Bali or anywhere, we will make sure there will be some kids activities, kids friendly restaurants and anything kids as we selected the hotels. Since this trip is a business trip, I planned the itinerary so that all business related stuff to be settled on the second day (since the first day was already too late when we arrived).

We went to the Fabric Street in Denpasar on the 2nd day after the breakfast to see the fabrics and made some purchase. I will write a different post about this and then we went to Seminyak to stroll along the Jl Laksamana for window shopping and for some inspiration for Leelokids.

My husband was saying that the kids would be bored here and I said otherwise because there were lots of new things to see and experience, snacks to eat for them, and I was right. The shops were just next to each other, in one whole stretch of road. So we walked first from the Corner House Cafe towards the Seminyak Square. Yes, we walked. It was quite far to think back but a lot of things to see so the kids did not complaining much.

Here are some restaurants and boutiques we checked out in that area.


My favourite kids's store - Kids A GoGo

Very Cosy Coffee Shop, The Corner House

Bribing them Gelato :)

Other kids area that we put in the itinerary were the Pirate Bay and Water blow. I really wanted to go here and told my husband, we had to go here no matter what. So we put this in our 3rd day itinerary. The journey was around 1 hour because of the traffic jam and earlier that morning I went to add more fabric in Denpasar. Otherwise it was actually near to the hotel.

We went to Water Blow first passing by the Pirate Bay. The driver dropped us at the beach and we walked by the beach to the Water Blow area. I didn't see the sign maybe because we walked by the beach but then, that area was behind the big Statue at that area. You can see the statue from a far.

Read about Water Blow here.


N1 seemed to enjoy the walk but she was a bit frustrated didn't catch the Water Blow, but we could see how beautiful the beach in front of the Pirate bay and how blue the water was. Then we walked back to the Pirate Bay.

It was a restaurant and a play area. I like this kind of play area as it was raw looking at not a common play area. See the picture below. There was a big Pirate boat, hanging ladders, tree houses etc. What's not to love? Both my kids were not the princessy kind of girls so they really enjoyed the 2 hours there. There were many huts to sit and eat. If you wanted to sit at the tree houses there were minimum amount of food you have to order. But because we had a quite firm toddler who doesn't listen to instructions yet, we opted to sit at one of the normal hut. We ordered fruit gelato, juices and bottled water.

The kids played so many things here especially N1. She climbed and jumped and explored so many tree houses and N2 explored almost every inches of the place. And they started making faces when I said it was time to go back for lunch. So as usual, I hushed them to the toilets and my oh my the toilets were so clean! We left Pirate Bay and both kids asleep in the car until we reached the restaurant. N2 apparently slept thru the lunch, it was a late lunch by the way.

 We prayed, and sit a bit and packed food for N2 at that restaurant so she can have her lunch later in the Villa. We were going to check in the villa that day.

So, thats sum up the kids activity allocated for them in our short trip! Next trip we would like to go for the Bali Green Tour to join the Green School Tour and explore other parts of Bali.

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